About Djurgården

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The Royal National City Park of Stockholm

Djurgarden constitutes a major part of the Royal National City Park of Stockholm. With its wilderness as well as preserved historical houses, the park offers many opportunities to recreation with impressions of various landscapes as well as a rich cultural experience. The area was royal hunting ground for several hundred years. It has also been the stockholmers’ favourite place for recreation – since 18th century, with Stockholm’s famous troubadour Carl Michael Bellman, and even more today.

There is a common interest to carefully develop the lands within this national park. Thanks to the Royal administration, which manages a large portion of Djurgården, the area has been protected against large-scale development and exploitation.

A part of the park is further protected as areas of national importance (Swedish riksintresse). There are also legally protected prehistoric remnants, and many buildings are protected by law as historical landmarks.

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The map shows the outlines of Djurgården. Courtesy Openstreetmap.com via Wikimedia Commons.