About us

Djurgårdens Hembygdsförening, DHF, is a local non-profit community organization. Our mission is to watch over South and North Djurgården nature, culture, memories and traditions for the benefit of both residents and the millions of visitors to the park each year. DHF was started in 1947 and is run by a committee elected from and by its members.

Between our yearly meetings, held in May, we arrange activities about once a month, such as visits and guided tours to various places around Djurgården. Our members have been to private homes, embassies, studios and wood shops and to the 15th century cottage managed by the DHF. We celebrate Lucia on December 13 in Djurgårdskyrkan. And all through the year, the planning committee works relentlessly to keep up with building plans, traffic planning, and smaller but nonetheless important ideas of improvement for visitors and residents.

The geographical area covered by DHF is the same as the Royal National City Park Djurgården. Here you can find natural wilderness as well as areas with preserved buildings allowing for rich cultural experiences. The park offers many opportunities to recreation and exposure to nature. Djurgården offers a lot of activities, some which has a long tradition. Djurgården has entertained people long before the parties of 18th Century troubadour and resident Carl Michael Bellman.

There is a common interest to carefully develop the lands within this national park. Thanks to the Royal administration, which manages a large portion of Djurgården, the area has been protected against large-scale development and exploitation.

A part of the park is further protected as areas of national importance (Swedish riksintresse). There are also legally protected prehistoric remnants, and many buildings are protected by law as historical landmarks.

As a member of DHF you contribute to our work to keep Djurgården not only a place for exciting encounters, but also for relaxing and revitalizing moments along the green walkways. Apart from our program with various activities we also publish an appreciated periodical (in Swedish).

Welcome to Djurgårdens Hembygdsförening!

The map shows the outlines of Djurgården. Courtesy Openstreetmap.com via Wikimedia Commons.